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"SIDE BY SIDE" trinodal network for the promotion and development of tourism in the cross-border area Galati-Cahul-Reni

This project was funded by European Union

The duration of the project: August 15, 2013 – February, 14 2015

Beneficiary: Galati Eurodevelopment Association, Galați, Romania

Project partners: Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration Agency, Cahul, Republic of Moldova, Reni District Council

Total project budget: 658590 Euro

Area of implementation: The implementation of the project took place in the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine

The main goal of the project was to explore the existing tourism potential, develop local recreational facilities and create a sustainable cross-border tourism network in Galati – Cahul – Reni cross-border region.

Project objectives:

  • setting up two Info-Centres (in Cahul and Reni)
  • developing a recreational base in Galati
  • relaying the 3 focus points into a tri-nodal cross-border tourism network, in order to enhance cooperation between local partners, stimulate local tourism potential and promote a common permanent tourist product.

Project activities:

  • Project management, coordination, communication and audit
  • Arrangement and endowment of the three points of the cross-border tri-nodal network SIDE BY SIDE: Galati Tourist Information Point and aquatic leisure base (PIT Galati), Cahul Tourist Information Centre (CIT Cahul) and Reni Tourist Information Centre (CIT Reni)
  • Achieving the cross-border tri-nodal network and stimulating cross-border tourism.

Projects results:

  • 1 tri-nodal cross-border tourism network
  • 2 new Info-Centres in Cahul and Reni
  • 1 aqua-base with entertainment facilities in Galati, 1 minibus
  • 2 laptops
  • 2 video-projectors
  • 2 screens for video-Projector
  • 2 photo cameras