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Best practice exchange seminar aiming to improve emergency management.

On 27.11.20, was organized a best practice exchange seminar in the field of exceptional situations, supported by representatives of DSE Cahul, National Red Cross Society of Romania – Galati branch and an expert in emergency situations from Galati, with the participation of local authorities and the members of the commissions for exceptional situations from Cucoara, Brînza, Borceag, Zîrnești and Văleni. The seminar presented the most common types of risks that can occur in Cahul district and Galati county. In addition to the basic theoretical presentations, the seminar focused on implementing practical methods to reduce the effects of natural or man-made crisis situations. Disaster prevention activities focus on reducing vulnerability and strengthening communities by identifying different security needs at the local level. The expected outcome of this seminar and other activities to be implemented through this project is to have well-trained committee members for exceptional situations who can adequately prepare the population for a disaster before it occurs. Along with activities that will focus on training the population to prevent and manage the consequences of a disaster, the expected outcome of this activity is to have well-prepared communities and to reduce the risks to their lives, health and property. 

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