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Active citizens - prosperous localities

Project implemented through the grant program “Development of Civil Societies at the local level in the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The duration of the project:  01.09.2020 – 31.05.2021
Project budget: 23 399,20 EUR

Implementation area: Cahul district, Brînza, Colibași, Cucoara, Vadul lui Isac, Văleni localities.

The aim of the project is to create better collaboration between citizens, CSOs and local authorities in Cahul district in order to jointly address local development issues and increase transparency and responsibility of the authorities.

Project Objectives:

  • Increasing the role of civil society in defining development priorities and policies implemented by local / regional authorities.
  • Increasing the degree of involvement and accountability of citizens, especially young people, in solving problems of local / regional interest.
  • Implement practical actions in close collaboration between LPA and civil society in order to increase mutual trust and increase the level of transparency of the local government act.


To successfully achieve these goals, we will organize a series of activities as follows:

  • 5 seminars will be organized in each of the localities involved: Brînza, Colibași, Cucoara, Vadul lui Isac and Văleni villages from Cahul district. These events will assess the needs and main impediments that make it difficult to solve existing problems, including environmental ones. The collected information will be analyzed and systematized. Subsequently, a round table will be organized to mobilize stakeholders in the region with the participation of initiative groups identified in localities with representatives of LPAs and other institutions. During the event, good practices from other localities / countries of community mobilization that could be applied in Moldovan localities will be presented and measures adapted to the Cahul region will be proposed. The results of this meeting will be materialized by developing an action plan for environmental protection for the 5 localities.
  • Organizing a regional forum in which the environmental protection coalition will be created in Cahul district and an environmental protection pact will be signed, which will commit to implementing the provisions of the action plan developed by all stakeholders . In order to increase the chances of achieving this action plan, several advocacy actions will be undertaken at regional and national level.
  • Awareness and community mobilization campaigns will be organized. Thus, the local initiative groups will cooperate more actively with the LPA, the thematic alliance created (on environmental issues) will be strengthened and will increase the involvement of the population in activities of public interest.


  • Target group and stakeholders informed and motivated to participate in this project (approx. 300)
  • 1 round table organized to mobilize stakeholders in the region
  • 1 an action plan for environmental protection developed
  • 1 environmental protection coalition created in Cahul district
  • 1 environmental protection pact signed
  • 2 advocacy actions organized
  • 5 awareness and community mobilization campaigns carried out including 2 greening actions