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“Training in providing first aid” course

Within the project, 5 courses were organized on the topic “Training in providing first aid”, in 5 villages in Cahul district. The course was held by the representatives of the Red Cross from Galați and an expert from Galați.

Triggering a disaster can bring with it victims who need urgent medical care. Due to the fact that the intervention of specialized services takes place due to distance or other factors, and first aid must be provided immediately, it is necessary that in each locality there are key people trained in this regard.

The course presented and described the main cases in which a person needs to be given first aid, including suffocation – airway blockage with a foreign body, hemorrhage – heavy bleeding, wounds, burns, bone and joint injuries. , stroke, heart attack – chest pain, poisoning, epilepsy, snake bites and tick bites. Participants performed resuscitation measures on the manikin (chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth breathing and assessment of the victim’s condition). First aid is different for each type of fracture and trauma, and in order to maintain high skills and abilities, it is necessary to practice constantly and learn new methods through refresher courses.

The trainers also stressed that providing first aid requires preparation and care, and if not provided in time, can lead to loss of life. During the training, participants received training materials and individual first aid kits.

On 10-11.08.2021, the course was organized in Văleni.

On 13-14.08.2021, the course was organized in Cucoara.

On 17-18.08.2021, the course was organized in Zîrnești.

On 19-20.08.2021, the course was organized in Borceag.

On 24-25.08.2021, the course was organized in Brînza.

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