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“Increased waste management capacity for a cleaner environment in Vaslui and Cahul cities"

This project was funded by European Union

The duration of the project was: December 12, 2013 – October 11, 2015

Beneficiary: Vaslui Municipality, Romania

Project partners: Cahul City Hall, Cahul, Republic of Moldova

Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration Agency, Cahul, Republic of Moldova –  management of the project.

Total project budget: 1.526.421,71 Euro

Area of implementation: The implementation of the project took place in the Republic of Moldova and Romania

The main goal of the project was to contribute to an enlarged cross border partnership between Romania and Republic of Moldova in order to improve the waste management system.

Project objectives:

  • Development of sustainable waste management by new equipment acquisitions.
  • Providing cleaner environment for the cross-border area resident people.
  • Improvement of cross border area environment services quality for complying with the European environmental standards.

Project activities:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Visibility and project communication
  • Procurement and implementation activities
  • Best practice exchange and waste collection campaigns

Projects results:

  • Number of water and waste technologies jointly implemented in the border area.
  • Number of collaborations established on common environmental issues.